The WEEE Directive is transposed into Estonian law by Waste Act and three WEEE Decrees.

Waste Act makes producers responsible for financing the management of WEEE. The Waste Act contains provisions relating to the financial guarantee, the principle of sharing the costs of historical WEEE and the principles of a collective system
The Decree of National Register was published on 10 February 2006 and entered into force on 13 February 2006. Producer has requirement to register in National Registry ( and introduce data according to the Decree. Estonian National Registry can only register these producers who have registered in Estonian Central Commercial Register. If producer are located permanently outside Estonia then it cannot register directly in Registry and has two options – make branch in Estonia, or sign a contract with Producer Responsibility Organization (for example, Eesti Elektroonikaromu).
Governmental Decree on signing, collecting and recycling targets of WEEE was published on 29
December 2004 and entered into force on 1 January 2005. Estonia, like all other EU member states shall meet the collection target set in WEEE Directive, but Estonian law hasn’t made producers responsible for achieving the collection target which is set by the WEEE Directive. So there is no any responsibility about collection amounts for Estonian producers.
A Decree of the Environment Minister on treatment of WEEE was published on 17 February 2005 and entered into force on 20 February 2005.

You can read those legislative acts in English from the website of Ministry of the Environment:

Eesti Elektroonikaromu

Eesti Elektroonikaromu is a producer responsibility organization based on producer responsibility principle. Our aim of activity is to unify the collectors and recycles of end-of life electronics. The organization’s primary field of operation is collecting used electronic facilities, reutilization and removing according to the legislation.

Eesti Elektroonikaromu is a biggest collector of WEEE in Estonia. There are over 80 collecting places/points all over Estonia on the list of Eesti Elektroonikaromu. All Estonia is covered and we moving forward to increase the number of collection points. You can find a list of our collection points here:
Eesti Elektroonikaromu recycling collected WEEE according to the legislative acts in collaboration with recyclers endowing respective licenses.
Eesti Elektroonikaromu has currently contracts over 650 producers and that number is increasing. You can find a list of producers who joined with Eesti Elektroonikaromu, here:

Producers shall declare the mass of EEE put on the Estonian market during an accounting period and shall pay to Eesti Elektroonikaromu according to the price-list. So producers delegate all its obligations of collecting and recycling of WEEE (as historic pickings as well products put on the market after 13.08.2005) to Eesti Elektroonikaromu. The solution is user-friendly because of its simplicity – Eesti Elektroonikaromu shall take command of producer duties and responsibilities for additional charge to recycling and the enterprise can deal peacefully with its primary activity. Producers, who have delegated their obligations to Eesti Elektroonikaromu, have deemed the fore mentioned solution reasonable and effective.


Contract between Producer and Eesti Elektroonikaromu:

Price List
Producer can delegate all its obligations of collecting and recycling of WEEE according to following price-lists. VAT (20%) excluding.

Reutilization rates in force from 01.01.2021:


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Phone: +372 56 236 697
Kaur Kuurme
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