Join a PRO – A Producer Responsibility Organisation in Estonia

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Producers of electronic equipment (including batteries and accumulators) are responsible for the collection, recycling and recovery of waste from electronic equipment they manufacture, import or resell. This is known as PRODUCER RESPONSIBILITY and extends to importers and distributors (including online shops and retailers).

Producer Responsibility is laid down in the Waste Act §23 – §27, which places an obligation on producers to collect, recycle or remove from the market waste from problematic products, including electronic equipment, that they manufacture, resell or import. It is the provisions of §26 that are known as the producer responsibility principle, as they impose important obligations on producers to deal with WEEE and reduce the amount of waste.

Mandatory Membership in PROs for Companies Selling Electronic Equipment in Estonia

For companies selling electronic equipment in Estonia, joining a PRO like Eesti Elektroonikaromu is not just a matter of choice but a legal requirement.

In order to coordinate and facilitate the obligations of producer responsibility, the Estonian WEEE Producers’ Association has been established to collect, reuse and recycle WEEE in accordance with the conditions laid down in the Waste Act and the basic regulation of the Problem Product Register.

The main activity of the producer responsibility organisation Eesti Elektronikaromu is the collection, recovery and organisation of the disposal of used problematic products, i.e. electronic equipment, in accordance with the procedure laid down in the Act.

The Producer Responsibility Organisation facilitates the fulfilment of the obligations of producers, as all the responsibilities for the collection, recovery and disposal of WEEE are transferred to Eesti Elektronikaromu.

If you are a producer, importer or retailer, it is required for you to join the Estonian WEEE network.

We will organise the necessary reporting to the PROTO register on your behalf and arrange for the collection of electronic waste (appliances, batteries, accumulators) through nationwide collection points and direct the collected waste for recovery.

Join the most effective producer
responsibility organisation in Estonia.

We collect and recycle electronics, batteries and accumulators.
We organise e-waste reporting.